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Access non-custodial accounts. Keep your wallet in your control. Explore 200+ instruments to choose from. We have it all.

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Tools for technical analysis

With over 100+ technical indicators and unlimited strategy combinations, we have all the tools you need with advanced charting features for all.

Access our Custom Desktop Platform

Leverage our desktop platform for an integrated experience for high speed execution.

Access all Major Instruments

Follow your favorite instruments! From foreign currencies, commodities, even cryptocurrencies and everything in between – we have it all

Social Leaderboards

Follow traders worldwide and see their moves with our new features.

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Level Up with our Most Requested Charting Functions

  • Create an account
  • Log In to the Platform and Select Your Favorite Pairs
  • Start Developing and Building Your Trading Strategy

Next-Gen Platform

  • Next-Gen Technology An all-in-one platform optimized for performance and reliability with 99.9% uptime.
  • Charts For Everyone Advanced charts and settings available for professionals, yet intuitive and simple for beginners. Customize Your Experience To Suit Your Own Style!
  • Learn Trading Not sure how to start? No worries, Start on demo and get a feel for the platform.

Our Pricing and Fees

Simple and transparent pricing, go to the trading platform in order to view exact fees whenever you open a new position.

Zero Commission Trading

Reduce your costs and gain a competitive edge in the markets.

  • Low Trading Cost
  • Access Market News
  • Real Time Quotes
  • Various Order Types
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • No swaps or overnight holding fees

Low Spreads

We offer spreads without any markups, directly from Liquidity Providers and much more

  • 0.01/pip
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Watchlists and Automatic Alerts
  • Educational Resources
  • Security and Safety
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • 99.9% up time

Swap Free, No hidden fees

Giving you the ability to access all you need in one place with our easy to use Platform.

  • 0
  • Strategy Development Engine
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Social Leaderboard
  • Copy Trading

Transparent Fee Structure For All

At abbado, we want to ensure our users are all on a level playing field. Giving everyone access to the tools used by institutions will allow for a more fulfilling and immersive experience. We offer the exact same structure to you, our retail clients, as we offer to our institutional clientele.

We are here for YOU!

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Abbado is the ultimate platform for trading! Their comprehensive educational resources, intuitive interface, and excellent customer support makes it outstanding for traders of all levels. Thank you for everything to the Abbado team.

Abbado User

I had an incredible experience trading on Abbado! The platform has the best tools and features, and the user-friendly interface allows for quick execution. Highly recommended for all traders!

Abbado User

Abbado is perfect for cryptocurrency trading! Lightning-fast execution, a wide selection of digital assets, and strong security measures. Look no further if you're into crypto trading.

Abbado User

Abbado is the most reliable platform for trading. Real-time market data, advanced order types, customizable alerts, and access to multiple global pairs. A must-have for serious traders.

Abbado User

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