Next-Gen Automated Trading
System Development Platform

Explore, Test, and Create your own automated trading systems within minutes. Access years of market data to test and create automated trading systems.

Wide selection of charts and indicators to explore countless trading strategies

Our intuitive automated trading development engine is designed to let you create trading systems with just a few clicks. No coding required.

Cleaner Charting

Create your system by selecting charting tools in the drop down menu. This lets you be creative with your ideas and strategy methods without needing to know any code.

Save Time

Testing and coding is very time consuming, but not anymore. What once took days can now be done within minutes.

Next-Gen Technology

An all-in-one platform optimized for bringing your trading ideas to life. With 99.9% uptime.

Free For Everyone

Sharpen your skills using our free automation engine. Equipped with professional grade market data you can test your strategies with confidence and precision. No fees for life.

Automated Trading Engine

Our high-performance automation engine allows you to simulate your trading systems on historical data and analyze their performance


Cutting-edge technology for advanced trading systems

Build, test, and deploy automated trading strategies on our Desktop platform using a simple click and play design

Advanced Charts

Focus and fine tune your technical analysis using automated trading systems and analysis

Customize The Platform

Expand your knowledge and customize your charting to fit your trading style. Automate those ideas using the strategy automation engine

Design And Distribute

With hundreds of indicators our platform empowers users to build new tools for distribution to share in the marketplace and trading community

Analyze All Market Data

Analyze years of market data that can be accessed on any device to customize your preferences, timeframes, technical indicators, and strategies. The possibilities are endless.

What are you waiting for?

Build an Automated Trading Strategy using Your Own Variables

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