Copy Trading

Choose among traders and automatically copy their trades or earn income by allowing others to follow your trades.

Follow the strategies of top performing trading experts and gain insights into potential new trading strategies and opportunities without having to constantly monitor the markets. Copy trading fulfills a need for traders and investors by offering them a chance to potentially generate income as they familiarize themselves with market dynamics and principles. Conveniently created for experts and novices alike.

Why use Copy Trading Module?

Ease of use

Create your own trading strategies or follow others with a click of a button.


Access over 200+ markets including Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrency, and more.


Using our advance platform and non-custodial wallets you can securely manage your transactions.


Manage your copy settings in accordance with your desired risk and trading ratios.


Monitor your performances, or share your trades with other traders.

Rates & Fees

Set your own commissions and fees for your copy trading services.

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